HARMS Displays His Vocal Intensity On Captivating Track ‘CAR OUTSIDE’…

New sonic impulses


22 November 2018

Artist: HARMS

Who: Singer/songwriter Jake Harms based in Brooklyn, New York

Track: CAR OUTSIDE – title track from upcoming solo debut EP, out 30 November ‘Aquarium” via Good Eye Records. Harms says about the song: “In my mind, it’s a series
of classic images — a chorus that asks someone for a chance at happiness, and an ending the asks an open-ended, unanswerable question. It plays like a series of fragmented movie scenes to me, like a Lynchian drama.

Score: Vocally singer/songwriter Jake Harms balances between Robert Smith‘s dusk
tone and Jeff Buckley‘s aural devotion. ‘Car Outside‘ is intense, profound, darkish and overwhelmingly compelling. A spellbinding quest that digs deep. Capture the whole- souled performance here..

HARMS: Facebook

(photo on top: FB – Harms)

Quote Of The Day – Here’s RICHARD ASHCROFT

Richard Ashcroft is still fighting over the shares of royalties he paid and is still
paying The Rolling Stones for a sample of an orchestral version of their 1965 hit
The Last Time‘ he used for The Verve‘s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ back in 1997…

Bitter sweet royalties…

Here’s that orchestral version of The Stones’ ‘The Last Time
recorded back then by their manager Andrew Oldham


Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 November 2018


Who: “A band formed from London’s open mic circuit. Sonically sitting
somewhere between early 90’s grunge, 80’s indie and melodic post-rock,
their breed of anthemic pop rock features elements of math and psych,
and is played with both volume and vitality.”

Track: COMFORT IS BEING FOOLED track from upcoming debut EP
Five Year Plan‘. A song about “It’s about being in a loveless relationship,
but rather than going through the pain of a separation, you continue to
lie to yourselves and go through the motions to keep up appearances.”

Score: There are countless ways to ventilate your mixed emotions about an empty relationship. This fresh formed 4-headed bolide does it by turning up the volume of
their instruments and diving into a trembling rocker that blows you off your socks with blustering guitars, impetuous drums/bass dynamism and pondering vocals all over it.
Get the band’s heated drift right here…

RIVER FURY: Facebook

Debut EP FIVE YEAR PLAN out 30 November. More info here

Danish Troubled Rockers ICEAGE Launch New Sinister Track ‘BROKEN HOURS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

After this year’s widely praised fourth album Beyondless edgy Danish rockers ICEAGE released new song Balm Of Gilead on a split single with Black Lips a few weeks ago and just now they launched another new one. BROKEN HOURS is another emotive doom and gloom contemplation reminding me of the darkest moments of The Afghan Whigs.
Music for confused souls and restless minds. Heavy stuff. Absorb it here…

ICEAGE: Website – Facebook – Instagram

(Photo on top: FB Iceage)

Brighton’s Zealous Trio GRYMM With Pitch Black Discharge… BR-EA-THE

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 November 2018


Who: “An energetic indie-grunge hybrid with all the catchiness of pop, outfit from Brighton. The band creates a cacophony of sound, yet they still intrinsically maintain a strict grip on melody and vocal hooks.”


Score: Here’s a pitch-black slow burning discharge translating the evil of our media dominated society where it becomes really hard to breathe like a normal, free-thinking human being, into a claustrophobic groove with a petrifying chorus. Its tone is ominous,
its drone is doomy. We definitely need some pure oxygen again. Here’s why…

GRYMM: Facebook –  Twitter