Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 November 2018


Who: “A band formed from London’s open mic circuit. Sonically sitting
somewhere between early 90’s grunge, 80’s indie and melodic post-rock,
their breed of anthemic pop rock features elements of math and psych,
and is played with both volume and vitality.”

Track: COMFORT IS BEING FOOLED track from upcoming debut EP
Five Year Plan‘. A song about “It’s about being in a loveless relationship,
but rather than going through the pain of a separation, you continue to
lie to yourselves and go through the motions to keep up appearances.”

Score: There are countless ways to ventilate your mixed emotions about an empty relationship. This fresh formed 4-headed bolide does it by turning up the volume of
their instruments and diving into a trembling rocker that blows you off your socks with blustering guitars, impetuous drums/bass dynamism and pondering vocals all over it.
Get the band’s heated drift right here…

RIVER FURY: Facebook

Debut EP FIVE YEAR PLAN out 30 November. More info here

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