TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Selection Of Five New Rad MUST-HEAR Albums…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers

1. ‘Losing Form’ by POLLY PANIC ( Asheville, NC-based, US)
Polly Panic is Jenette Mackay, also known as part of experimental outfit Rasputina. She sounds and feels here like a gloomy female Nick Cave on cello backed by his Bad Seeds playing ominous violins. Her commanding vox and pitchblack compositions echo like
she wants to put a doomed spell on you. Overall a truly fascinating tour de force.
Highlights: Annie / Losing Form / Purpose / Hollows / To The Bone

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2. ‘The Benefits Of Being Mad’ by EERIE GLUE (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Here’s a passionate work of amplified pop melancholia with glowing guitars, dreamy orchestrations and singer/songwriter/producer Bünyamin Eroğlu‘s expressive and absorbing vox creating an overall bluesy, affecting and mixed emotions experience.
Highlights: The Bluebirds Are Singing / The Benefits Of Being Mad / Sense Of Wonder / Spacious / Alphabetical Disorder

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3. ‘The Thin Cherries On Moose Island’ by THE THIN CHERRIES (Chicago, US)
The 2nd LP by this Chicago‘s collective, with members from several other bands, is a varied and multi-faceted work of high-quality pop songwriting. With different colors for different moods. From refined, reflective musings to fervent, synths driven up-tempo crackers. Top!
Highlights: Moose Island / Follow Sun / I Don’t Know You All / Espresso Petals / Novato

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4. ‘Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors’ by PRINS OBI & THE DREAM WARRIORS (Greece)
This is the side project of Baby Guru’s frontman George Diakinesis with the magnifying help of some kind of an Athenian underground supergroup. Expect some heavily 60s inspired guitar psychedelia. From freakish escapades to mind-pleasing excursions. Elevating stuff!
Highlights: Concentration / Negative People / Fingers / Δίνη / Wide Open

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5. ‘Moonwalking Into The Future’ by FULTON LIGHTS (Baltimore, Maryland, US)
Andrew Spencer Goldman aka Fulton Lights produces an enwrapping mix of spaced
out curiosities and playful pop capriciousness on his new album. Venturesome
and weirdly atmospheric. Reminding me of Eels intriguing composition excellence.
Highlights: Little Town Of Not No More / Channel Changing With the Holy Ghost /
Ancient Honkytonk Medicines / Moonwalking Into the Future

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