Untamable Punk Veterans BAD RELIGION Are back – Here’s New Missile ‘CHAOS FROM WITHIN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

The notorious Los Angeles punks BAD RELIGION return with a new album, pointedly entitled AGE OF UNREASON, in May. Ahead of it the band just shared new thundering high-speed uppercut CHAOS FROM WITHIN proving that they still have plenty of fuel
left in their political charged tank after nearly 40 years. Damn right! Detonate here…

BAD RELIGION: Facebook – Tour Dates

New album AGE OF UNREASON out 3rd May – More info here

Welsh Three-Piece GUIDE DOG Releases Punchy Title Track From New Album – Here’s ‘GENERATION Y’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 February 2019


Who: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Peter Roberts

Pick: GENERATION Y – the second single and also title track from the trio’s upcoming second album. “It comes at a time when children are bunking off school to protest outside Parliament about Westminster’s flimsy and inadequate response to climate change, prompting a swift and aggressive backlash by the politicians who dismissed the adolescents and ridiculed their irresponsibility” says Roberts.

Score: Guide Dog‘s mastermind Peter Roberts says the time is appropriate to release
a protest song. It sure is. With the political Western world becoming a demagogic
monster it is indeed great to see young people hitting the streets en masse all over
Europe and raising their voice about the tremendously serious climate change issue.
And yes, ‘GENERATION Y’s overall punchy impact, blustery timbre and explosive chorus
fit today’s rebellious reality pungently well. There’s a saying ‘you’re never too young to change the world‘. This committed generation got the message…

GUIDE DOG: Facebook


Clips that impress your ears and your eyes

25 February 2019

(promo press pic)

PETER DOHERTY is back with a new band called THE PUTA MADRES with an LP planned for April. “A devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss and being lost” says a press statement. The album was recorded in a French fishing village last summer. The new group released first single ‘WHO’S BEEN HAVING YOU OVER‘ a few weeks ago. A snappy garage cracker with sharp-edged guitar licks and Doherty‘s characteristic vox upfront. Have a look at the song’s new video launched today…


Self-titled debut LP out 26th April – all info here

BABYBIRD Shares Profound Track/Clip ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE ‘ From Upcoming Compilation Album…

Brand new sonic impulses

25 February 2019

Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD was so much more than his huge 1996 hit You’re So Gorgeous (of which most of the buyers hadn’t a clue what the song was really about) suggested. Becoming a pop star was not his prime artistic goal. He operated in a twilight world of his own behind closed doors, writing compelling, darksome and soul-stirring songs that weren’t, besides that one exception, conceived with massive commercial success in mind. Therefore Jones‘ music was too profound and emotionally too complex and too real. If you never heard of Babybird check this two emotive top albums and you’ll understand what I mean: Ugly Beautiful  (1996) and There’s Something Going On (1998).

Today BABYBIRD announced a new compilation titled HAPPY STUPID NOTHING,
out next Friday, 1st March, with a series of tracks from the period 2015-2018. Along
with this announcement he shared one of the album’s stirring musings. The 2017
ballad ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE‘ is a gripping goosebumps performance. Only vox and
piano. A spine-tingling achievement. Listen/watch here…

BABYBIRD: Facebook

From Los Angeles Here’s SUPERET With Funky Bang-Up ‘COMES AS A RELIEF’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 February 2019


Who: “The band formed in Los Angeles, California on Valentine’s Day 2016. The name
‘Superet’ was nicked from the facade of a cult church in east Los Angeles. It’s derived from a Latin moniker that translates to “may they overflow”, which has become the bands modus operandi. Hence the name, they have been known to put on a relentlessly, electrifying show.”

Track: COMES AS A RELIEF – title song from their new 3-track EP

Score: Party Time! Here’s a kick-ass funky drum/bass driven dance floor bang-up with
80s glamorous disco synths while frontman Matt Blitzer‘s spicy vox cuts like a knife and keeps pushing the song’s sprightly tension. ‘Comes As A Relief‘ raises your blood pressure, boosts your body temperature and activates your limbs. Get up, stand up and make your move. Right here, right now…

SUPERET: Facebook – Stream full EP on Spotify

‘Natural Born Bugie’ by HUMBLE PIE (1969)…

Sonic knockouts from the past

25 February 2019

Natural Born Bugie‘ by HUMBLE PIE
One of the first supergroups with Steve Marriott (from The Small Faces) and
wonder boy Peter Frampton (from The Herd) as the most famous members.
This was their successful debut single on Andrew Oldham‘s (original Rolling
manager) own label. The cracker hit #4 on the UK singles chart and
later on, the band became even bigger in America. Time to boogie, folks…


HUMBLE PIE: Biography