From Los Angeles Here’s SUPERET With Funky Bang-Up ‘COMES AS A RELIEF’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 February 2019


Who: “The band formed in Los Angeles, California on Valentine’s Day 2016. The name
‘Superet’ was nicked from the facade of a cult church in east Los Angeles. It’s derived from a Latin moniker that translates to “may they overflow”, which has become the bands modus operandi. Hence the name, they have been known to put on a relentlessly, electrifying show.”

Track: COMES AS A RELIEF – title song from their new 3-track EP

Score: Party Time! Here’s a kick-ass funky drum/bass driven dance floor bang-up with
80s glamorous disco synths while frontman Matt Blitzer‘s spicy vox cuts like a knife and keeps pushing the song’s sprightly tension. ‘Comes As A Relief‘ raises your blood pressure, boosts your body temperature and activates your limbs. Get up, stand up and make your move. Right here, right now…

SUPERET: Facebook – Stream full EP on Spotify

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