BECK Released His Debut Album ‘MELLOW GOLD’ Twenty-Five Years Ago…

Great albums from the past…


1 March 2019

Artist: BECK

Album: MELLOW GOLD – his debut LP

Released: 1 March 1994

ROLLING STONE wrote: “Beck makes ultrasurreal hip-hop-folk that harkens back to “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” His lurching warble, warped by slowed-down effects and distortion, evinces the sort of catatonic cool borne of too many bong tokes and nitrous hits. Beck is very much of his generation — he apparently doesn’t even mind that boomers will confuse him with a certain hallowed British guitar hero… Even the do-it-yourself aspect of the album, which was recorded on 8-track in Beck’s living room, speaks of lowered expectations, and yet there’s a sense of the empowerment derived from that cheap high technology. Beck’s verbal collages get close to the truth of his milieu and our times. Think of it as generational
code or stream-of-unconsciousness. But it’s really called poetry.
” Full review. Score: 3.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: This debut shows the huge potential of a versatile young artist, but Beck‘s best work had yet come. Oh, of course, ‘Loser‘ is a timeless classic…

Album in full…

BECK: Facebook – All Albums


(photo: FB Beck)

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