Peter Doherty was born in Hexham, Northumberland, UK on 12 March 1979. Happy 40!
For some time in his career (2000-2010), the singer/songwriter was more (in)famous for being a junkie and being convicted for drug charges far more than he put records out. But it seems like those dangerously hedonistic days are behind him. His last BABYSHAMBLES album (so far), the pretty good Sequel To The Prequel appeared in 2013. Two years later he reunited THE LIBERTINES with his lifetime friend Carl Barât for their comeback album Anthems For Doomed Youth. His second solo LP Hamburg Demonstrations saw the day of light a year later, in 2016, and next month he will launch the debut longplayer of
his new band PUTA MADRES. Quite some activity for the troubled artist. To celebrate his fortieth birthday I chose three rather smooth tracks showing the man’s touching side. Here we go…

* FLAGS OF THE OLD REGIME (a tribute to his close friend, the late Amy Winehouse)

* MUSIC WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT (from The Libertines self-titled second LP)

* UNBILOTITLED (from Babyshambles second LP ‘Shotter’s Nation‘)


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