HISTORY – 4 May 1970 – Kent State Shootings In Ohio

4 May 2019

(John Filo/Getty Images)

On 4 May 1970, 49 years ago today, four Kent State University students in Kent, Ohio were killed and nine injured when members of the Ohio Army National Guard opened fire during a demonstration protesting the Vietnam War. This dramatic day went into the history books as the Kent State Shootings.

It was another black day for the true meaning of human civilization, another black day for freedom of speech, another black day for greedy America as its military-industrial complex showed again that they will crush any criticism on their domestic and foreign policy. And of course, it was most of all a pitch black day for all innocent victims, their families and their friends.

This unforgivable government scandal was captured by Crosby, Stills Nash And Young
in the poignant song OHIO. You can hear it here…

CSN & Y: Facebook

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