THE WHITE STRIPES Released Their Self-Titled Rough Blues Debut Album 20 Years Ago…

14 June 2019

20 years ago, on 15 June 1999, unknown Detroit blues rockers THE WHITE STRIPES released their self-titled debut LP. It was all about raw and rough, scream & hit DIY blues racket. Only a few critics noticed the record upon its release, but one famous one, the late great JOHN PEEL spotted it in a shop when it came out and said: “I just liked the look of it and I looked at the titles – you develop an instinct, d’you know what I mean? And it looked like the sort of record I would like, so I took it out and I did like it, and started playing it.” The rest
is history.

Here’s a perfect idea of the early The White Stripes with
a ramshackle live version of ‘Suzy Lee‘ one of the LP’s tracks…

Album in full…

THE WHITE STRIPES: Facebook – All Albums

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