BEASTIE BOYS Released Second Ace Album ‘PAUL’S BOUTIQUE’ 30 Years Ago…

24 July 2019

On 25 July 1989, yep, already 30 years ago, legendary hip-hop rap punks BEASTIE BOYS released their second, ace longplayer ‘PAUL’S BOUTIQUE‘ Maybe not their best known album, but certainly one of their very best. Rowdy, clamorous, mental, inventive & totally cuckoo!

Rolling Stone wrote: ” ‘Paul’s Boutique’ named after a Brooklyn store whose radio ad is tossed in the mix and whose picture graces the cover, surprises from the get-go. Each track brims with ideas and references too numerous to catalog, veering in new directions at every verse. The songs are buoyed by the deft interplay of the three voices and a poetic tornado of imagery. The Boys’ rap references range from Magilla Gorilla to Dickens, their musical samples are equally far-flung, including Johnny Cash, Hendrix and Jean Knight’s ‘Mr. Big Stuff.’ The Boys are just being themselves, thrashing about in a reality ignored by too many mainstream white-rock acts.” – Score: 4/5 – Full review here

Top Single: Hey Ladies

Album in full…


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