OUT TODAY! Third LP By London’s Funky Misfits Combo WARMDUSCHER – Here’s ‘TAINTED LUNCH’…

Just released…

1 November 2019

Band: Warmduscher

Who: A group of miscreants, known only by aliases, producing a sort of doomed disco grooves for all those who hate what’s played on boring radio shows and in posh clubs
right now. Having a couple of Fat White Family members on board helps to scare normal people when they walk down the streets of England’s doomed Brexit fiasco.

Album: Tainted Lunch – the band’s third longplayer

Released: 1 November 2019

Sound: The band biographer and revered botanist Dr Alan Goldfarb describes the LP
as “a sample hole through which to taste another universe. A dramatic warning. A gilded aroma. It is a tale of wanton desire and limitless treachery. A tale of disillusionment, the
refusal of exploitation.”
Expect some mental post funk junk for all outsiders out there
who want to freak out and shake their hips in a smelly basement. Yes, underground
fun for the wicked! Even Iggy Pop got out of his straitjacket to join Warmduscher‘s party!

Stream it all here…


TAINTED LUNCH available on Bandcamp and Apple Music

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