33 Years Ago PINK FLOYD Decided To Continue Without ROGER WATERS…

11 November 2019

On 11 November 1986, 33 years ago today PINK FLOYD announced in a press statement that the band decided to continue using the name ‘Pink Floyd‘ without Roger Waters who left the band the year before in 1985 and that they were recording a new album.

Guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour said afterward “By 1984, Roger had very obviously decided that enough was enough for him. And I hadn’t decided that enough was enough for me. So I imagine I thought, ‘Yes, we’ll go back to doing Floyd.’”

Drummer and co-founder Nick Mason remembers: “I think David led on the idea of continuing. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to carry on – I did – but I don’t think I cared as much
as David did. We’d be partly in the studios and partly in the lawyers’ office – ‘Was Roger going to injunct?’ And the answer was, of course he couldn’t, because he’d left the band, and 
the one thing clear in all our contractual arrangements was that if someone left, they left, and the band continued without them… That gave David and me the authority to carry on.”

Finally, after all the legal battles, the new PINK FLOYDGilmour, Mason and Richard
– released triumphant longplayer ‘A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON’ in 1987…

PINK FLOYD: Website – Facebook

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