SEX PISTOLS Released Debut Single ‘ANARCHY IN THE U.K.’ 43 Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

26 November 2019

The SEX PISTOLS released their controversial debut single ‘ANARCHY IN THE U.K.‘,
one of the fiercest punk anthems ever, on 26 November 1976, 43 years ago today.
It was originally issued in a plain black sleeve and peaked at #38 on the UK Singles
Chart although it was either ignored or negatively criticized by the music press.
Their label EMI dropped the band a few months later, in January 1977.

Their manager at the time, the late Malcolm McLaren said the song was “a call
to arms to the kids who believe that rock and roll was taken away from them. It’s
a statement of self rule, of ultimate independence.”

Here’s the Antichrist


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