LED ZEPPELIN Released Masterpiece ‘PHYSICAL GRAFFITI’ 45 Years Ago

24 February 2020

Today 45 years ago, on 24 February 1975 icons LED ZEPPELIN released their magnum opus ‘PHYSICAL GRAFFITI’. Their sixth album, a double album, probably their best ever.
It went straight to the top spot in both the UK and the US.

It was a multi-faceted work, covering multiple genres. Hard rock (‘Custard Pie’, ‘The Rover’, ‘The Wanton Song’, ‘Sick Again’, ‘Houses Of The Holy‘), eastern-influenced bombast (‘Kashmir’), progressive rock (‘In The Light’), rip-roaring funk ( ‘Boogie With Stu’, ‘Black Country Woman’) acoustic songs (‘Then Years Gone), a love ballad ( ‘Ten Years Gone‘), blues electricity (‘In My Time Of Dying‘), soft reverie (‘Down By The Side’) and country ripper (‘Night Flight‘). Top stuff!

AllMusic wrote: “Led Zeppelin returned from a nearly two-year hiatus in 1975 with the double-album ‘Physical Graffiti’, their most sprawling and ambitious work. ‘Physical Graffiti’ captures the whole experience of Led Zeppelin at the top of their game better than any of their other albums.” Full review here. Score: 5/5

Three highlights: Trampled Under Foot / Kashmir / Houses Of The Holy




Album in full…


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