BOB DYLAN AND THE BAND – Americana Masterpiece ‘THE BASEMENT TAPES’ Came Out 45 Years Ago

25 June 2020

Artists: Bob Dylan and The Band
Album: The Basement Tapes  – a double longplayer
Released: 26 June 1975 – 45 years ago – Dylan’s 16th LP
Artwork: the cover picture was taken by Reid Miles
in the basement of a Los Angeles YMCA
Score: #7 in the USA AND #8 in the UK

Rolling Stone said at the time: “The songs are home music, barroom music played for pleasure and for the hell of it by and for musicians with a shared experience outsiders
may not fully understand… the music and lyrics snarled and spit out of the corners of one’s mouth… these were inspired times, and Dylan and the Band could as well have been singing and playing the telephone book.”
Full review here.

Key phrase: this is what happens when icon Bob Dylan and
his phenomenal backing band make Americana great again
Key tracks: too many to name

Full album…

BOB DYLAN: Facebook

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