THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – Rave Junkies Released Their Debut Album ‘EXIT PLANET DUST’ 25 Years Ago

26 June 2020

Band: The Chemical Brothers (Manchester, UK)
Album: Exit Dust Planet
Released: 26 June 1995 – 25 years ago today
Artwork: Bro Simons said a the time “We wanted something
that just looked nice. A lot of techno albums just have fractals
on them, and we wanted something a bit more romantic and
otherworldly with soft, nice colours.”

Title: A reference to their original name ‘The Dust Brothers’
Score: #9 in the UK – over the years, gold in
Great-Britain and platinum in the US

Stereogum wrote: “Exit Planet Dust was a culturally important album, and an influential one, at least for a while. The combination of rave sirens and psych-rock far-outness was probably what convinced people like Noel Gallagher and Mercury Rev to jump onboard when the Chems made their even-better follow-up album Dig Your Own Hole two years later. And in the second half of the ’90s, spaced-out dance music came to rival Britpop as the dominant sound of young people getting fucked up in the UK, as you’ll hear on the Trainspotting soundtrack. Exit Planet Dust was a big part of that.”

Key phrase: The Brothers gonna work it out
Keywords: Big beats, 24-hour party people, fuel for dance marathons, dusty techno
Key tracks: Leave Home / Life Is Sweet / Chemical Beats / One Too Many Mornings /



(Featuring Tim Burgess)

Full album…


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