RICHARD ASHCROFT – Debut Solo Longplayer ‘ALONE WITH EVERYBODY’ Came Out 20 Years Ago…

27 June 2020

Artist: Richard Ashcroft
Album: Alone With Everybody – solo debut
Released: 26 June 2000 – 20 years ago

AllMusic wrote: “He still believes that music has a soul, with or without his former band.
He is certainly a rock star and a believer in love, death, musical spirituality, and individuality. That is what made the Verve a great rock band in the first place, but Ashcroft’s superior drive
to do something real only makes him and his music more endearing. He is looking ahead, not wishing for past adventures. He celebrates life, pure and simple.”
Score: 4/5

Keywords: Big mouth, big melodies and bittersweet symphonies, the drugs work, impassioned pop spirit, solid gold rock ‘n’ roll star, get-together anthems
Key tracks: A Song For The Lovers / I Get My Beat / Money To Burn /
C’Mon People (We’re Making It Now / Everybody

Full album…


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