Summer Of Discontent – HARD-FI Released Their Debut Album ‘STARS OF CCTV’ 15 Years Ago

3 July 2020

Band: Hard-Fi
Who: Punk-inspired indie rock quintet formed in 2002 in Staines, England
fronted by Richard Archer (now involved with new project OffWorld)
Album: Stars Of CCTV – the band’s debut LP
Released: 4 July 2005 – 15 years ago

NME  wrote: ‘Stars Of CCTV’ is frontman Richard Archer’s howl of defiance against a dead youth. Expanded from its original self-financed mini-album last year, it’s now a satellite town statistic existence torn through in a bleak but dazzling 45-minute fast-forward, and the minutiae are heartbreakingly familiar… Eleven counts of aggravated pop originality and assault with a deadly hook. several charges of grievous cultural significance and defining a generation without a licence. Looks like you’re going down for Album Of The Year, sunshine.” Full review here.


Keywords: To hell with Big Brother, swinging ska rock, catchiness at its sharpest,
hard to beat tunes, Brexit prediction, Britannia doesn’t rule, the summer of discontent
Key singles: Cash Machine / Hard To Beat / Tied Up To Tight




Full album…

HARD-FI: Facebook

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