50 Greatest ROLLING STONE Albums Of All Time – No 47 JOHN COLTRANE

7 September 2020

Artist: John Coltrane
Born in North-Carolina in 1926
Passed away in New-York in 1967
Album: A Love Supreme
Released: January 1965 – 55 years ago

Rolling Stone: “Two important things happened to John Coltrane in 1957: The saxophonist
left Miles Davis’ employ to join Thelonious Monk’s band and hit new heights in extended,
ecstatic soloing. Coltrane also kicked heroin addiction, a vital step in a spiritual awakening
that climaxed with this legendary album-long hymn of praise – transcendent music perfect
for the high point of the civil rights movement. The indelible four-note theme of the first piece, “Acknowledgment,” is the humble foundation of the suite. But Coltrane’s majestic, often violent blowing (famously described as “sheets of sound”) is never self-aggrandizing. His playing soars with nothing but gratitude and joy. You can’t help but go with him.”

Quote Coltrane: “You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere.

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