Debut Album ‘NOWHERE’ By RIDE Released 30 Years Ago

15 October 2020

Band: Ride (Oxford, UK)
Active: 1988–1996, 2014–present

Album: Nowhere – debut LP
Released: 15 October 1990 – 30 years ago today
Score: #11 in the UK

Pitchfork said: “The nature of what they were trying to accomplish as a band really comes through in full. The more abrasive tones of MBV and Sonic Youth were clearly an influence as they first started to write and record, but it’s the from-the-gut pop screech of Dinosaur Jr. that sounds like their closest kin here. Ride’s music wasn’t necessarily game-changing but the songs are the kind that lasts.” Score: 9.5/10

Andy Bell: “Our development was really weird, and it was borne out of our youth, I guess. We hit on something amazing in the beginning, where I think we just basically arrived with a great sound. And then probably based on my love of the Beatles or our love of classic bands who kept developing that—the Byrds and the Beatles are the two touchstones, and the Velvets too—where everything changed every album.”

TUTV: “A sea of shoegaze waves for pop fans.”

Singles: Vapour Trail / Kaleidoscope



Full album…

RIDE: Facebook

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