BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Standout Albums Turning 20 In 2021

These five standout albums celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2021

1. All Is Dream by MERCURY REV

Released: 28 August 2001 – fifth LP
Pitchfork wrote: “Mercury Rev’s All Is Dream claims its share of pop brilliance by
taking up this position with enormous reserves of intelligence, grace, and emotion.”

Stream here…

2. Is This It? by THE STROKES

Released: 30 July 2001 – debut LLP
NME wrote: “One of the best and most characterful debut albums of the last 20 years.
If ‘it’ is touching, soulful, funny, tuneful and well-written songs played by people in great clothing, then yes, it is. It is ‘it’.”

Stream here…

3. Let It Come Down by SPIRITUALIZED

Released: 17 September 2001 – fourth LP
AllMusic wrote: “Jason Pierce has never shied away from changes in pursuit of his artistic goals…. it’s another masterfully made Spiritualized album, but its very ambitions sometimes overwhelm it.”

Stream here…

4. White Blood Cells by THE WHITE STRIPES

Released: 3 July 2001 – third LP
Pitchfork wrote: “There’s no denying that the White Stripes fall within the confines of the garage rock band. Their music is simple, stripped down and it howls the blues. But despite
its simplicity, there’s something here that goes so much deeper.

Stream here…

5. It’s A Wonderful Life by SPARKLEHORSE

Released: 8 August 2001 – third LP
AllMusic wrote: “Along with the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse crafts strangely beautiful — and beautifully strange — music inspired by down-to-earth sounds as well as spacey experimentalism… Even at its weirdest, just being alive is pretty wonderful. Needless
to say, so is the album.”


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