BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Masterpiece Longplayers Turning 30 In 2021

These masterpieces celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2021

1. The Real Ramona by THROWING MUSES

Released: 18 February 1991 – fourth LP
AllMusic wrote: “‘The Real Ramona’ marked the perfect balance of Throwing Muses’ angular songwriting and latent pop tendencies… Their final album as a quartet, it highlights the best points of the group’s sound, making it a great starting point for new Throwing Muses fans.”

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2. Achtung Baby by U2

18 November 1991 – seventh LP
Pitchfork says: “U2 changed their sound from chiming melodics to lurching, distorted rhythm. But they also changed their attitude, their demeanor, their look, their ideas on how to deal with celebrity. All of a sudden, they were funny, sexy, a bit dangerous– three things few would’ve associated with U2 in the 80s.”

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3. Nevermind by NIRVANA

Released: 24 September 1991 – second LP
Rolling Stone said: “Nirvana’s undistinguished 1989 debut, Bleach, relied on warmed-over Seventies metal riffs, but the thrashing Nevermind boasts an adrenalized pop heart and incomparably superior material, captured with roaring clarity by coproducer Butch Vig.”

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4. Screamadelica by PRIMAL SCREAM

Released: 23 September 1991 – third LP
NME said: ” ‘Screamadelica’ is one of this era’s most beautiful, far-reaching pieces of musical adventure; a dreamy, occasionally spooked vision of life on the pop frontier, sustained by club culture and brain-wacky chemicals and many kinds of spirit-rousing music.”

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5. Out Of Time by R.E.M.

Released: 12 March 1991 – seventh LP
Rolling Stone wrote: “Out of Time moves this unconventional band another step forward.
A discernible connection to past records remains, but it is not constricting. The point is that R.E.M. has done it again: defied and fulfilled the conflicting expectation of a broad, mainstream audience and a smaller, more demanding cult.”

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