ALL 2020 KNOCKOUTS – Total Of 140 Tracks / 8 Hr 51 Min Of Sonic Extravaganza

2020 was a terrible shit year, as we know it, for humankind. And it looks that our worries and fears are not over yet. For now, we just can hope that vaccinations can, at least, stop the deadly spread of that vicious coronavirus. Fingers crossed 24/7.

Luckily 2020 was a bang-on 12 months of terrific alt music. Steady followers know that Turn Up The Volume makes an adrenaline-filled selection of the top-of-the-range knockouts of every month (except July and December). For last year that made a total of 140 tracks, 8 hr 51 min of sonic extravaganza. If you start listening at noon then, you’ve heard them all before nightfall.

Turn up the volume, folks…

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