Debut LP ‘STANDS FOR DECIBELS’ By Guitar Pop Rockers THE dB’S Came Out 40 Years Ago

18 January 2021

Band: THE dB’s
Who: Crafted jangly power pop combo
from Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Active: 1978–1988, 2005–present

Released: 15 January 1981 – 40 years ago

AllMusic/Chris Woodstra wrote: “On their debut, the dB’s combined
a reverence for British pop and arty, post-punk leanings that alternate
between minimalism and a love of quirky embellishment, odd sounds,
and unexpected twists; Stands for Decibels is clearly a collegiate pop
experiment, but rarely is experimentation so enjoyable and irresistibly
” Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The R.E.M. who never became world-famous.

On Swedish TV in 1981

Stream here…

THE DBs: Discography

First cassette in a can! Brilliant!

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