Turn Up The Volume’s TOP 5 Of TALKING HEADS Albums

1. FEAR OF MUSIC – 3rd LP – 1979

Rolling Stone said: “Fear of Music is often deliberately, brilliantly disorienting. Like its black, corrugated packaging (which resembles a manhole cover), the album is foreboding, inescapably urban and obsessed with texture.”

Stream here…

2. REMAIN IN LIGHT – 4th album – 1980

AllMusic: “Talking Heads were connecting with an audience ready to follow
their musical evolution, and the album was so inventive and influential.”

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3. ’77’ – debut LP – 1977

The Village Voice wrote: “Every tinkling harmony is righted with a screech, every self-help homily contextualized dramatically, so that in the end the record proves not only that the detachment of craft can coexist with a frightening intensity of feeling—something most artists know—but that the most inarticulate rage can be rationalized. Which means they’re punks
after all.”

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4. MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD – 2nd longplayer – 1978

Pitchfork: “On ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’, Talking Heads were sorting out how
to engage simultaneously with the mind and the soul (or at least the hips)—how to be both
art-rock and dance music… a magnum opus.”

Stream here


AllMusic: “Although most people probably think the only Talking Heads live release is Stop Making Sense, the fact is that there’s an earlier, better live album called ‘The Name of This
Band Is Talking Heads… It’s arguably one of their finest releases.”

Stream here…


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