Final Album ‘RECURRING’ By SPACEMEN 3 Released 30 Years Ago Today

10 February 2021

Who: Peter Kemper and Jason Pierce,
who started his own project Spiritualized afterward.

Album: RECURRING – 4th and final LP
Released: 10 February 1991 – 30 years ago today

AlMusic: “By the time Recurring was recorded, Pierce and Sonic had all but come to blows, and the end result shouldn’t be considered an album proper so much as two EPs, with completely different personnel supporting their individual creations. The respective musical obsessions that would define Pierce and Sonic’s post-Spacemen work were perfectly apparent in both sections — while there have always been plenty of clear links between the two, the more individual parts of their natures started to flourish in full. “

Turn Up The Volume: Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space.
Recurring still is a mind-boggling collection of psychedelic symphonies.

Key track: Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Find Here)

Full album…


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