MASSIVE ATTACK – Masterpiece Debut ‘BLUE LINES’ Came Out 30 Years Ago Today

Back in time…

8 April 2021

Band: MASSIVE ATTACK (Bristol, UK)
Active since 1988 / 5 albums so far

Album: BLUE LINES – debut LP
Released: 8 April 1991 – 30 years ago today
Score: #13 in the UK

Pitchfork wrote: “Blue Lines brought producers around to its unique vision.
By the time Massive released Protection three years later, the group’s renegade
approach had been copied enough times to become a full-on movement…
Blue Lines is still Blue Lines, and most of the world is still trying to catch up to it.

Full review here. Score: 9/10.

Turn Up The Volume: A ground and sound-breaking
masterpiece. Trip-soul-hop-pop at its inventive best.

Singles/clips: Daydreaming / Unfinished Sympathy / Safe From Harm




Full album…


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