BOB DYLAN Turns 80 Next Week And His Masterpiece ‘BLONDE ON BLONDE’ Is 55 Today

Back in time…

16 May 2021


Next week – 24 May – singer-songwriter genius BOB DYLAN turns 80 and
one of his solid gold masterpieces, double LP BLONDE ON BLONDE is 55
years old today, released on 16 May 1966.

It was the final LP of a trilogy the eternal troubadour recorded in 1965/1966.
The other two being classic LPs Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61

Rolling Stone Magazine called Blonde on Blonde: “the most mysterious, majestic
and seductive of Bob Dylan albums, not to mention the greatest. It remains the pinnacle
of Dylan’s genius. It’s his most expansive music, with nothing that resembles a folk song,
just the rock & roll laments of a vanishing American, the doomed outsider who’s given
up on ever belonging anywhere.”

Turn Up The Volume: My all-time favorite singer/songwriter. Hands down.

The stunning singles: Rainy Day Women ♯12 & 35 / I Want You / Just Like A Woman


– RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35 –


Album in full…

BOB DYLAN: Website – Facebook – All Albums

A compilation of pictures taken by Jerry Schatzberg (who also took the blurred photo for the front sleeve) were on the gatefold sleeve of the first vinyl pressing in 1966.




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