Happy 64 SIOUXSIE!

27 May 2021

Queen of Glam Goth
Punk lady of the night
Mascara charisma in motion
Kisser in the dreamhouse
Suzy of the Peepshow
Feminist femme fatale
Peek-a-boo diva

Susan Janet Ballion aka Siouxsie Sioux was born in London on 27 May 1957.

Happy 64 to the Queen of Glam Goth. She recorded 11 studio albums with timeless
punk icons Siouxsie And The Banshees (1976-1996), released 4 LPs with The Creatures (the project with her former lover and Banshee drummer Budgie), and one solo album (Mantaray in 2007).

Let’s celebrate with 3 big
Siouxsie moments…

(Banshees’ debut single 1978)

(Ace track from 1982 album
Kiss in the Dreamhouse)

(From The Creatures‘ 1989 album Boomerang)


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