New Zealand’s Retro Rockers THE DATSUNS Never Will Become FERRARI’S

4 June 2021

Who: Sharp and noisy rockers from New-Zealand
Active: Since 1998 / 5 studio albums so far with their
latest Deep Sleep released back in 2014

Album: EYE TO EYE – 5th LP
Released: 28 May 2021

Classic Rock Webzine Louder: “Engrossing are the moments when they embrace
prog, mating Deep Purple with Can for the compulsive In Record Time (complete with
authentic 70s poltergeist solos) or, on Moongazer, imagining what Pink Floyd’s Money
might have sounded like if David Bowie had replaced Syd Barrett.”
Score: 3/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Probably with getting older The Datsuns rock less hard
than they did in their early rowdy days. Although they will never become Ferrari’s,
if you are a fan of sharp-cutting riffs, nasty hooks, insane licks and a series of
wailing guitar solos this engine longplayer is for you. And me? I liked them live
better than on record.

Singles: Suspicion / Dehumanise



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