THE BETA BAND – Second Album ‘HOT SHOTS II’ Came Out 20 Years Ago

17 July 2021

Who: Wayward Scottish rockers.
Famous for saying to the press that their
debut LP was rubbish, the day it came out.

Active: 1996–2004 / 3 studio albums.

Album: HOT SHOTS II – 2nd LP
Released: 16 July 2001 – 20 years ago

Pitchfork wrote: “While it certainly doesn’t live up to the adventurousness of
its predecessors, Hot Shots II is a pretty damned fine album, and easily surpasses
previous outings in the realm of accessibility… It also does away with the bizarre
rap numbers and twelve-minute psych pastiches that put so many eager listeners
off in the first place. To me, though, that thrown-together sound was one of the
things that made the Beta Band’s music so exciting.”

Full review here. Score: 8.5/10.

Stream here…


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