BLACK SABBATH – Metal Monster Album ‘MASTER OF REALITY’ Released 50 Years Ago Today

21 July 2021

Active: 1968–2006, 2011–2017 / 19 studio albums

Released: 21 July 1971 – 50 years ago today
Score: #5 in the UK, #8 in the US

AllMusic wrote: “The shortest album of Black Sabbath’s glory years, Master of Reality is also their most sonically influential work. Here Tony Iommi began to experiment with tuning his guitar down three half-steps to C#, producing a sound that was darker, deeper, and sludgier than anything they’d yet committed to record. (This trick was still being copied 25 years later by every metal band looking to push the limits of heaviness, from trendy nu-metallers to Swedish deathsters.) … If Paranoid has more widely known songs, the suffocating and oppressive Master of Reality was the Sabbath record that die-hard metalheads took most closely to heart.”
Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The masters of droning.

Single: Children Of The Grave

Full album…


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