THE STROKES – Striking Debut Album ‘IS THIS IT’ Released 20 Years Ago

30 July 2021

Band: THE STROKES (New York City)
Active: Since 1998 / 6 studio albums (so far)

Album: IS THIS IT – debut LP
Released: 30 July 2001 – 20 years ago today
Came out first in Australia, later in the UK, and US
Score: #2 in the UK, #5 in Australia, #33 in the US

Pitchfork: “The Strokes have struck an incredible balance between
the two extremes of rock music: sentimentality and listlessness. Any
sentimentality in these songs’ lyrics is countered by Casablancas’ self-
reliant indifference, and his listless delivery is offset by the band’s fervid
attack. Beyond that, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about the
Strokes that keeps me listening. All I know is that it’s not easy to come
by, and I like it. A lot.”
Full review here. Score: 9/10.

Turn Up The Volume: Along with The White Stripes these New York
darlings – the champions of jingle-jangle rock – dominated the first
years of the new Millenium. The Strokes looked cool, acted cool, and
made a tremendously cool debut album. This was it.

Singles: Hard To Explain / Last Nite / Someday




Full album…

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