Funky Rap Rock Classic – N*E*R*D Released Debut Album ‘IN SEARCH OF…’ 20 Years Ago Today

6 August 2021

Band: N*E*R*D (No-one Ever Really Dies)
Who: The band was actually a side-project
of production duo The Neptunes featuring
Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo
Base: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Active: 1999 – 2005 / 2008-present
5 studio albums so far

Album: IN SEARCH OF… – debut LP
Released: 6 August 2001 – 20 years ago today

AllMusic/Stephen Thomas Erlewine: “Musically, it’s a lively affair,
breaking free of the signature approximated-Prince beats, as they
borrow heavily from classic soul, breakbeat aesthetics, and post-
modern alt-culture, tying it together with live beats… a pretty terrific
listen and one of the most adventurous, intriguing hip-hop albums
in a long, long time.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The Sly and Family Stone
of the 21st Century. Some really funky shit.

Singles/clips: Rock Star / Lapdance



Full album…

N.E.R.D.: Facebook

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