PEARL JAM – Their Debut Album ‘TEN’ Turned 30

Back in time

29 August 2021

Band: PEARL JAM (Seattle)
Active: 1990-present / 11 studio albums

Anniversary album: TEN
Released: 27 August 1991 – 30 years ago today

Rolling Stone: “Pearl Jam hurtles into the mystic at warp speed.
They wring a lot of drama out of a few declarative power chords
swimming in echo.”

Turn Up The Volume: The little bombastic brothers of Nirvana had
to fight to be recognized with their big brothers around. Their debut was
not their best LP, in my grunge book, but (already) showed Eddie Vedder‘s
huge talent as a frontman and songwriter and the single ‘Alive’ still is a
mammoth of a striking song.

Singles/clips: Alive / Even Flow 



Full album…


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