Harmony Legends THE BEACH BOYS Released Their Acclaimed LP ‘SURF’S UP’ 50 Years Ago

1 September 2021

Band: THE BEACH BOYS (California, US)
Active: Since 1961, wow, that’s 60 years,
and still surfing! So far, 29 studio LPs.

Anniversary album: SURF’S UP
Their 17th LP, a sort of come back after
some mediocre longplayers.

Released: 30 August 1971 – 50 years ago
Score: #15 in the UK, #29 in the USA

Rolling Stone wrote at the time: “The Beach Boys stage a
remarkable comeback. An LP that weds their choral harmonies
to progressive pop and which shows youngest Wilson brother
Carl stepping into the fore of the venerable outfit.”

Stream f
ull album…


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