British Rapid Eye Movement THE BLUE AEROPLANES Released Their 5th Album ‘BEATSONGS’ 30 Years Ago Today

Back in time

10 September 2021

Who: Jingling and jangling circus out of
Bristol (UK) led by master mind Gerard Langley
Active: Since 1981 and still alive and kicking /
12 studio albums (so far)

Released: 10 September 1991 – 30 years ago today

Stewart Lee said: “Fronted by a whispering beatnik, flanked by a Polish
dancer and a phalanx of fidgety guitarists, Bristol’s Blue Aeroplanes were
the action-painted art-rockers you needn’t fly to New York to find. Expensively
recorded in LA in 1992, a decade into their apparently endless flight, Beatsongs
presaged an REM-style breakthrough, with its chart-bound bite at the culturally
forbidden fruit of Paul Simon’s Boy In The Bubble. But the public eschewed their
art school Americana, and The Aeroplanes escaped fame’s Faustian ignominy,
to ride the thermals into cherished cultdom.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is the British band that inspired R.E.M. (who they
toured with in the early days), or was it vice versa?… whatever, Beatongs is one
of the Aeroplanes‘ impressive indie jangly-ness records. Fact!

Singles: Yr Own World / Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon cover)



Full album…

THE BLUE AEROPLANES: Facebook More Aeroplanes on Spotify

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