BOB DYLAN – Highly Praised ‘LOVE AND THEFT’ LP Came Out 20 Years Ago Today

11 September 2021

Active: Since 1961 / 39 studio albums so far

Anniversary album: LOVE AND THEFT
His 31st studio longplayer

Released: 11 September 2001
20 years ago today

Rolling Stone wrote: “On ‘Love and Theft’, his forty-third album, he turns this fantasy into a stone-cold Dylan classic. ‘Love and Theft’ takes us on a full-blown tour of American song in all its burlesque splendor, which includes, of course, Dylan’s own psychedelic mutations of the blues. Talk about bringing it all back home: Dylan veers into country, ragtime, vaudeville, deep blues, cocktail-lounge corn, the minstrel show and the kind of rockabilly he must have bashed out with his high school band more than forty years ago. At sixty, Dylan’s subject matter is much the same as it has been for the last ten years — the world has gone wrong, the women are doing him wrong — but his tone has shifted. The arrival of the apocalypse, the breaking of his heart,,on ‘Love and Theft’, these become not lamentations but cosmic jokes.” Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: My favorite singer-songwriter-performer of all-time
went back, once more, to the decades he loves the most, the 50s and 60s,
and returned with his umpteenth triumph.

Full album…

BOB DYLAN: All Albums

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