U2 – Berlin Inspired Masterpiece ‘ACHTUNG BABY’ Turns 30 Today

Back in time

18 November 2021

Band: U2
Active: Since 1976 / 14 studio LPs (so far)

Anniversary album: ACHTUNG BABY – 7th LP
Released: 18 November 1991- 30 years ago today

Pitchfork said: “Achtung Baby is rightly known as one of rock’s greatest reinventions
because it was so complete. Sure, U2 changed their sound from chiming melodics to lurching, distorted rhythm. But they also changed their attitude, their demeanor, their look, their ideas on how to deal with celebrity.

All of a sudden, they were funny, sexy, a bit dangerous– three things few would’ve associated with U2 in the 80s. And yet, at their core, the band’s values remained constant. They were still ethically minded and interested in the real-life connection between living beings. But the way they went about projecting those core tenets flipped. In TV-news parlance, their attitude switched from “60 Minutes” to “The Colbert Report”. Score: 9.5/10.

Turn Up The Volume: Big bands make big records filled
with big songs like U2 with this big masterpiece.

Singles/clips: The Fly / Mysterious Ways / Zoo Station / One




– ONE –

Full album on Spotify…

U2: Facebook – All Albums

All info about the 30th-Anniversary Edition here

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