‘ON RESISTANCE STREET’ – Documentary Featuring THE CLASH About The Cultural Wars In Great-Britain Then And Now

19 December 2021

ON RESISTANCE STREET is a 90-minute documentary, in production now.

It is a powerful, no-holds-barred portrait of the contemporary cultural zeitgeist,
featuring contributions from many renowned artists musicians, writers, filmmakers
and activists. The release is planned for Summer 2022.

It examines the socio-political legacy and impact of The Clash and other artists, upon
a whole generation of young people in the late 1970s and how all that manifested into
a collective stance against racism and prejudice.

In reflecting on the societal stances of such artists, it then establishes how right-wing politicians and commentators have now attempted to blatantly appropriate The Clash
and other radical artists, for their own political ends.

The film features vintage footage, original photography shot on location in Britain,
and America and innovative dramatised scenes, portraying key moments in
the storyline. An original soundtrack of contemporary protest songs by affiliated
bands and artists will also be released as a CD-DVD album.

Here’s the high-voltage trailer

THE CLASH: Website

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