Ambient Brothers Duo BOARDS OF CANADA Released Praised Album ‘GEOGADDI’ 20 Years Ago

Back in time

14 February 2022

Who: Scottish ambient/electro duo
Michael and Marcus Eoin Sandison
Active: 1986 – present / 4 studio LPs

Anniversary album: GEOGADDI
Released: 13 February 2002 – 20 years ago

Michael Sandison: “A record for some sort of trial-by-fire,
a claustrophobic, twisting journey that takes you into some
pretty dark experiences before you reach the open air again.”

BBC Music said: “Geogaddi is a tapestry of strange contrasts.
Sweeping synths, crunchy drum patterns and the distorted voices
of children weave in and out to create a surreal ‘third place’.”

Stream full album here…

BOARDS SOF CANADA: Story – Instagram

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