‘PINK MOON’ Album By NICK DRAKE Released 50 Years Ago Today

Back in time

25 February 2022

Who: Heart and soul singer-songwriter who became
a legend after his death in, after an overdose of amitriptyline,
a prescribed antidepressant. He was only 26.

Anniversary album: PINK MOON
His third and final LP
Released: 25 February 1972 – 50 years ago today

Rolling Stone wrote: Pink Moon is folk icon Nick Drake’s third and last full album — and at less than 30 minutes, it can seem as starkly foreshortened as the singer’s life, which ended in 1974 when he was 26. But as one of Drake’s friends put it, “If something’s that intense, it can’t be measured in minutes.” Rousing himself out of one of the paralyzing depressions that plagued him in his last years, Drake recorded these 11 tracks in two nights, often in just one take. He accompanies himself only on acoustic guitar, except for the title track, on which he overdubs a brief, lovely piano part.

Stream the beauty here…


Back and front sleeve in one

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