A Real Growl Of Hardcore – BOTCHED TOE Hit Bullseye With Debut Powerhouse ‘A FALSE GLIMMER OF HOPE’

1 March 2022

Who: British hardcore mavericks

Kibou Records: “This is the debut release by BOTCHED TOE. There are ten songs,
clocking in collectively at just over 18 minutes. Why mess around, right? The catchy,
pummelling riffs Flanagan serves up provide the perfect backdrop to a bleak vocal
narrative from Domestic of a country in decay. Government corruption at an all-time
high, those in power displaying ever-increasing contempt for the public; the ravages of unbridled capitalism and a poorly handled pandemic carving ever deeper scars into our individual and collective mental health; simple dreams now out of reach, and a populace
so on edge and exhausted by it all that any significant, organised dissent seems less enticing that just retreating into one’s shell and hoping for the best (even when it’s clear that
this is the most flawed tactic of all”.

Turn Up The Volume: No rest for the wicked. No mercy for the 10 Downing Street
criminal and his yeasayers. World war three is just around the corner. This 18-minute hardcore Apocalypse long-player is 10 minutes shorter than the Ramones debut LP. Busy frontman James Domestic spits and sneers with frenzied force. Botched Toe is a nasty riff machine, a blustering beast, a tsunami of growls Get together, all you mosh-pit fanatics,
and let’s stop the devastating rat race – and fucking Putin – while going berserk.

A False Glimmer Of Hope is – without a shadow of a noisy doubt – ALBUM OF THE MONTH!

Do your greedy ears a favor and buy this Doomsday powerhouse via Bandcamp
or via Kibou Records.

Stream ‘A False Glimmer Of Hope’ here
(but alert your neighbors first)…



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