Detroit’s Manic Noise Rockers MC5 Kick Out The Jams Again After… 51 Years

11 March 2022

The legendary Detroit noise-turbo MC5 shook the rock world in 1969 with a riff-insane live album called KICK OUT THE JAMS. They canned two (studio) LPs afterward – I wonder who knows them – and then it went down hill, but later a couple of reunions with changing line-ups followed. The band lost two frontmen/vocalists who died at an early age: Rob Tyner and Fred “Sonic” Smith (Patti Smith’s first husband).

Video: Historic performance with Rob Tyner on vocals and guitarist Wayne Kramer on the left

In 2018 the original guitarist WAYNE KRAMER constructed a band of modern day musicians with Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Brendan Canty of Fugazi, Marcus Durant, Don Was and Faith No More bassist Billy Gould to go on tour to celebrate
the 50th anniversary of Kick Out the Jams.

In the wake of their sixth nomination for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Kramer now announced a brand new album, the first… in 51 years. The new LP comes in October.
Ahead of it we’ll get two singles. You can hear a snippet of the first one Heavy Lifting
(co-written by Kramer with current MC5 singer Brad Brooks and longtime collaborator
Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against The Machine) right here…

And back on the road,
to kick out the jams again…


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