Now Playing… Debut Album BOB DYLAN – Released 60 Years Ago

Back in time

20 March 2022

My all-time favorite singer-songwriter BOB DYLAN released his self-titled
debut album 60 years ago (19 March 1962). The start of an unsurpassed
career still going.

AllMusic wrote: “Bob Dylan’s first album is a lot like the debut albums by the
Beatles and the Rolling Stones — a sterling effort, outclassing most, if not all,
of what came before it in the genre, but similarly eclipsed by the artist’s own
subsequent efforts. A significant portion of the record is possessed by the style
and spirit of Woody Guthrie…his album marked the pinnacle of that earlier phase,
before it was overshadowed by this artist’s more ambitious subsequent work.”

Score: 4/5

One of the highlights Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (original by Gary Davis
and Eric Von Schmidt
) played here with a full BAND, years later…

Stream the acoustic waterfall of words right here..

BOB DYLAN: All Albums

Back sleeve

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