MIKE SKINNER And THE STREETS Released His Classy Debut Album 20 Years Ago

Back in time

27 March 2022

Who: The musical project of Mike Skinner (age 42) from the Midlands, UK
Active: 1993-present / 5 studio LPs and 2 with The D.O.T,
a collaboration with musician/DJ Robert Hayes

Anniversary album: ORIGINAL PIRATE MATERIAL – debut LP
Released: 25 March 2002 – 20 years ago

AllMusic said: “Original Pirate Material, is an excellent listen — much better than the heavy-handed hype would make you think. Unlike most garage LPs, it’s certainly not a substitute for a night out; it’s more a statement on modern-day British youth, complete with all the references to Playstations, Indian takeaway, and copious amounts of cannabis you’d expect. Skinner also has a refreshing way of writing songs, not tracks, that immediately distinguishes him from most in the garage scene.”

Turn Up The Volume: Skinner is a spoken-word waterfall telling stories about what he sees around him in daily life with great rhymes, non-stop beats and symphonic synth orchestrations in the back. No fillers. Classy hip-hop-pop achievement by a rapping geezer.

Key Single; Let’s Push Things Forward

Full album…

THE STREETS: All Albums – Facebook

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