LOU REED And JOHN CALE – Lost ‘SONGS FOR DRELLA’ Concert Movie Found And Now Streaming

25 April 2022

The live concert film of Lou Reed and John Cale’s 1990 tribute album Songs For Drella
to Andy Warhol was broadcast on TV in the same year, afterward, the tapes went missing, but were found recently and the movie is now streaming on MUBI.

Press statement

Twenty years after Lou Reed and John Cale broke up The Velvet Underground, they briefly reunited to record Songs for Drella. Captured on camera in a concert film, the LP explores
the life, dreams, aspirations and fears of the band’s mentor and manager Andy Warhol.

Flickering with memories, this sonic account of Andy Warhol’s life from Lou Reed and John Cale is a touching reminder to hold your friends close before it is too late. Directed by Ed Lachman who also shot Todd Haynes’ ode to the Velvet Underground, this concert film is
a reunion of artistic giants.


The brilliant Drella album in full here…


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