Released 40 Years Ago Today – 3rd Critically Praised PAUL McCARTNEY Album ‘TUG OF WAR’

Back in time

26 April 2022

John Lennon was the rocker, Macca was the smooth popster. It was that sublime combination that made The Beatles the best band ever (in my book). After the
break-up, they continued solo and made bad, good and fantastic albums.

McCartney’s 3rd LP TUG OF WAR came out 40 years ago today, on 26 April 1982
and got raving reviews. It was produced by the fifth Beatle Goerge Martin. It sold
more than 4 million copies worldwide.

Rolling Stone Magazine said back then: “Tug of War is the masterpiece everyone has always known Paul McCartney could make. In style and format, the album isn’t all that different from his earlier work, but the songs are far more substantial than the eccentric doodlings of recent albums. Instead of another homemade effort, McCartney has teamed up with producer George Martin to create a record with a sumptuous aural scope that recalls Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road.” Score: 5/5.

The lyrics of the title track Tug Of War seem like they were
written yesterday, about the alarming times we live in.

It’s a tug of war
What with one thing and another
It’s a tug of war
We expected more
But with one thing and another
We were trying to outscore each other
In a tug of war

The full album on Spotify…

And still going strong.
American tour dates.


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