Manchester Misfits FURROWED BROW Go Pretty Kooky While Throwing The Bathwater Out

30 May 2022

(credit: Llana Xup)

Who: Crazy 5-piece formed in Manchester in 2019. They earned a reputation for
doggedly unorthodox shows rooted in an absolutely DIY punk aesthetic. They stick
out like flowers among vegetables – one of the most outlandish live bands around.

Press info: This song flies at you in a squall of barbarous drums, distorted
organ and 60s girl group backing vocals. It’s a jaunty inversion – uncanny,
elusive, phantasmic yet fantastic with tongue pressed firmly in cheek.

Turn Up The Volume: Don’t expect the we are a serious band mentality of Radiohead
nor the macho attitude of Metallica. Think the fun frolicsomeness, the shaky organs
and the frisky vocals by the frontman and the big twigs girls on Love Shack by legends
The B-52’s.

But even more nutty, more far-out, and kookier with a We are not Radiohead mentality. Mindless boogie-woogie jocularity we all can use in these chaotic times. Off the wall.

Don’t throw Furrowed Brow away with the bathwater.

Time to dance like a kangaroo…

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THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA Launched Spectacular Video For Newest Single ‘SHAMAN’

For your eyes

30 May 2022

Who: London-based duo – Daphne Ang (Singapore) and
Andrea Papi
(Italy) – that fills a gap in music by bringing
literature, art, and history together into a space where
rock and metal meet electronica.

Out: 1st July 2022
Pre-order: here

Last week Samara and Manimal released a new piece from their forthcoming LP.

“Shaman’ narrates a journey of self-discovery into the depths of one’s psyche. Guided
by Jungian psychoanalytic theory, the song captures a personal confrontation with the unconscious in which one experiences the infinite and the energy of the universe. The song introduces the idea of attaining wholeness by uniting our inner and outer worlds

Turn Up The Volume wrote: Shaman progresses like a vicious viper working its way to a grandiose finale. Determined, but always wary of sudden danger. Shaman dumbfounds and flummoxes while the song’s tension intensifies and sends shivers down your spine.

They just launched a spectacularly animated video clip. As I said before
the duo has an ingenious vision when it comes to visualizing their hellraisers.

Roll the tape and get dazzled…

TCOMAS: Spotify – Website

Album Of The Month May – WOLF VANWYMEERSCH With His Solo Debut ‘THE EARLY YEARS’

30 May 2022

Who: The maestro of Belgian post-punk
crusaders Elefant and the guitarist of former
power-pop rockers The Van Jets

Debut album: THE EARLY EARS
Released: 5 May 2022 – Buy here

Wolf: “It has become a retrospective record with songs that muse about childhood,
love or life or songs that were effectively written in my youth. In terms of sound, it is a combination of acoustic, electric and electronic sounds.”

(photo by Julian Hills)

Turn Up The Volume said: Damon Albarn was the first name that popped up in my head when The Early Years impressed my ears on first hearing. At times I thought he was a guest singer on Vanwymeersch‘s debut longplayer, with his pondering voice and his reflective songs . Check Drama I, Who Can Tell, I’m Wide Awake and you’ll find out why.

Vanwymeersh also, like Albarn, is a song architect. All lullabies, reveries, and tunes at
play here stick quickly. But with every listen you discover how rich and subtly layered the musical arrangements and feel-good orchestrations (hear that playful banjo sound on Part Of Me ) are. Then again he invites you into his sonic labyrinth where he goes left, right, and back in one and the same song (When You’re Old And Grey And Full
Of Sleep
/ Fall From Grace).

The easy-listing construction of his classy compositions transfers you to a place where reality fades away and makes room for melancholic memories. As I said before (several times) Wolf is a romantic at heart with a soul-stirring singer/songwriter gift (did I already mention, Father John Misty?) and a heartwarming voice. Magnific achievement.

Singles/clips: The Hog / On A Sunday Afternoon / Friendly Is Better




Stream/buy The Early Years here…

WOLF VANWYMEERSCH: Facebook – Spotify

Waking Up With… KIM GORDON In My Head

Works faster then caffeine

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

30 May 2022

Natural born rock icon KIM GORODN played in Brussels last night.

And Turn Up The Volume was there just in front of her. She looks
still cool as fuck and this was the best concert I saw this year (so far).

Just flabbergasting. A phenomenal noise fest. No wonder that Kim‘s
most recent single GRASS JEANS was still ramming in my head
this morning.

Kim Gordon rules…

5 Reasons Why Manchester’s Motorik-Dance Machine W.H. LUNG Should Be Your New Favourite Band

29 May 2022

Electro-driven pop/rock team W.H. LUNG (named after a Chinese supermarket
in their native Manchester) are reaching for the stars with their ecstatic exuberance.
Check their two LPs released so far: Incidental Music (2019) and Vanities (2021)

I saw the band play last Wednesday (25 May) in the basement of the historic building Botanique in Brussels. They made my head spin, out of control, made my heart beats
in overdrive, and made ME a fan just after a couple of firecrackers.

5 reasons why W.H. Lung should be your new favorite band!

1. The band’s hypnotic Krautrock/pop inspired waves of overwhelming electronic ravishment energize every single muscle, every single nerve, and every single limb
on the spot.

2. To get an audience going bonkers you need titanic tunes and W.H. Lung
have plenty. No, not one dull moment with these Manucians.

3. A charismatic frontman/woman is always handy to whip up the crowd even more.
And, yes, with Joseph Evans they have a non-stop dancing showman, singing and
swinging without breaks.

4. Mind you, W.H. Lung is not only about electronic fuzz and buzz. The bouncing drums/bass tandem takes care of the groovy continuance and their guitarist is a bit
of a sound wizard.

5. Synth stimulator Hannah Peace is totally focused on her work, provides
vocals now and then, and gives the band an extra glamorous touch.

Get up, stand up, and jump up and down like
crazy to their fabulous album Incidental Music

W. H. LUNG: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume)