5 Reasons Why Manchester’s Motorik-Dance Machine W.H. LUNG Should Be Your New Favourite Band

29 May 2022

Electro-driven pop/rock team W.H. LUNG (named after a Chinese supermarket
in their native Manchester) are reaching for the stars with their ecstatic exuberance.
Check their two LPs released so far: Incidental Music (2019) and Vanities (2021)

I saw the band play last Wednesday (25 May) in the basement of the historic building Botanique in Brussels. They made my head spin, out of control, made my heart beats
in overdrive, and made ME a fan just after a couple of firecrackers.

5 reasons why W.H. Lung should be your new favorite band!

1. The band’s hypnotic Krautrock/pop inspired waves of overwhelming electronic ravishment energize every single muscle, every single nerve, and every single limb
on the spot.

2. To get an audience going bonkers you need titanic tunes and W.H. Lung
have plenty. No, not one dull moment with these Manucians.

3. A charismatic frontman/woman is always handy to whip up the crowd even more.
And, yes, with Joseph Evans they have a non-stop dancing showman, singing and
swinging without breaks.

4. Mind you, W.H. Lung is not only about electronic fuzz and buzz. The bouncing drums/bass tandem takes care of the groovy continuance and their guitarist is a bit
of a sound wizard.

5. Synth stimulator Hannah Peace is totally focused on her work, provides
vocals now and then, and gives the band an extra glamorous touch.

Get up, stand up, and jump up and down like
crazy to their fabulous album Incidental Music

W. H. LUNG: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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